Monday, October 12, 2015

Vicksburg courthouse museum

The old Vicksburg courthouse is now a musuem, I've been there before and knew we needed to go there with the big group.  It has all sorts of Vicksbrug area history displayed here but the battle will always be a big part of the Vicksburg story. 

One of those fascinating displays here.  The story goes that a minie ball passed through a solider and a local young woman, striking both in their reproductive organs and miraculously impregnating the girl.  The doctor introduced the two and they were married and had two more children the normal way.  As the last line of the display says, "We don't ask you to believe the story - just enjoy it"

This is the court room on the second floor and was used to house Union prisoners.

More of those incredible finds.  This is the necktie that Jefferson Davis wore at his Montgomery inauguration in 1861.

This red sash was worn by Jefferson Davis at his inauguration but also by George Washington at his.  Remarkable.

Jefferson Davis lived near Vicksburg before the war but his plantation burned in 1931 and the river has shifted making it inaccessable.  But here is a model of what it looked like.  I'd love to find a way there to tour the ruins but there are probably enough spiders, snakes and ticks to make that a foolish journey.

These maps show how the plantation has changed from being on a penninsula to being an island.

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