Friday, October 9, 2015

Grant's Canal

When our group was studying the battle one site people said they wanted to see was Grant's canal.  Having been there before I knew we were going to see a small ditch.  I think in peoples' minds there will be much more to the canal, even though they know it was a failure during the campaign, but its interesting to see their reactions when they come to a ditch that probably only 3 feet deep.

When I first visited the site roughly 16 years ago this is all I remember being there in the way of signage, though there probably was a general NPS info sign as well.

Since then this really nice monument to the 9th Connecticut has been placed.  It has really nice depictions of digging the canal on each side as well as pictures of officers.  It is still so shiny that the pictures of the officers didn't come out very good.  Probably had a lot to do with the lighting so I'm sure better photos could be achieved on a different day, or even time of day.


All in all there is now quite a bit to see at Grant's canal.

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