Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Milliken's Bend

In the area west of Vicksburg in Louisiana there are a few sites related to the campaign.  The one we desired to see was Miliken's Bend.  Along the way we came across some other campaign related sites. 

First was the Duckport Canal.  Looking at maps it appears that the canal was closer to the tree line but the sign is here because it is along the road closest to the spot. 

Apparently in 1863 this bayou was large enough to be used by some boats.  And the Dalkeith plantation house still stands. 

Now we're in the Miliken's Bend area.  I say area because the Mississippi changed courses a few times over the past 150 years so the actual battlefield is partially gone.  Although a small enagagement it is important because it is the first time colored troops are engaged.

The marker talks about the forces taking refuge behind the levee so that the Union gunboats could provide protection.  Here we are on the modern levee looking back down the road to the marker (well out of sight).

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