Monday, October 26, 2015


I know little of the Little Rock campaign, just some general information but I am not well acquainted with the campaign.  For our Vicksburg trip we flew in to Little Rock so on our way back home we decided to tour it.  I knew from previous research that there is a good driving tour of the campaign so we knew there was at least something to see.  Overall it was a great tour and the next several posts will follow the driving tour.  We did it in one afternoon, just a couple of hours, and would recommend the tour to all who happen to be in the area.

The first stop is Brownsville.  This was a small cavalry skirmish about 2-3 weeks before the city fell.  The Union advance was repulsed but the Confederates were forced to retreat as more Union forces came to the area.  Brownsville is on the military road between Memphis and Little Rock.  This road continues west and is the site of the next engagement, Reed's Bridge. 

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