Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Old Depot Museum - part 1

I do not believe that the Old Depot Musuem existed when I was last in Vicksburg 16 years ago.  I remember some of the displays being in a store in the downtown area.  There are now many more displays and it is a musuem that I highly recommend visiting.  It is on the north end of downtown in the old railroad station.

There are model railroad displays and modern military models.

Next to the musuem is a depiction of the Mississippi River.

There are many great naval displays.  This one depicts the attack of the CSS Arkansas

Then this one shows all of the city class ironclads that were built.  They are all very similar but there are some minor differences, espcially to the color bands on the smoke stacks.

And many great naval prints as well.

This photo didn't really fit in anywhere else but it is Pemberton's headquarters at the Cowan house.

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