Sunday, September 27, 2015

Vicksburg trip

Roughly two years ago the Rocky Mountain Civil War Roundtable took a trip to Vicksburg.  I was able to go that time and took my customary ton of pictures.  When we got back I endeavoured to start the blog again but I only got four trip posts done before life got hectic again and it dropped by the wayside.  With my return to blogging I knew that completing the Vicksburg series was a top priority.  So over the next month I will do just that (all the posts are actually done and scheduled).  There will be 13 Vicksburg related posts in the journey starting tomorrow with the battle of Raymond. 

Here are the first four posts that came out long ago so you can become reacquainted with the journey and then see it through over the next month.

Grand Gulf


Port Gibson

March to Raymond

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