Thursday, September 17, 2015

Lincoln musuem app

When we were at the museum they encouraged you to download a special app that one can use during the tour to learn more about the exhibits.  I downloaded it to my iphone and used it during the tour.  One thing I quickly learned about it though is that it is also very useful away from the museum. 

There are three sections of the app, Tell Me More, Lincoln Quest, and Lincoln Log.  The first two are focused on use at the museum.  The third is my favorite in general.  You select any date and it will tell you what Lincoln did that day nearly every year of his life (from adulthood on typically).  For example I put in my birthdate and it had something for that day nearly every year from 1837 to 1865 with only 7 years without an entry.  Some sample information:  February 24 1854 Lincoln argued a case before the Illinois Supreme Court.  In 1846 he wrote a letter to a fellow attorney who is a poetry aficionado telling him that he was working on a poem that evening.  In 1862 there is a funeral for Willie.  In 1865 Hiram Hibbard of the 50th New York Engineers calls on Lincoln and receives a pardon for a supposed desertion.  Each entry also has source information so one could check the original source for the entire story.

I've kept this app on my phone since our return from Illinois because from time to time I like to pick random dates and see what Lincoln was doing.  If I needed to research something on Lincoln I'm sure I'd use it to help guide that as well.  All in all a very useful app that I would recommend for all.

I was going to add a link to the app or at the very least the easiest way to search for it on the apple store but nothing is coming up on their website or by searching.

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