Tuesday, September 29, 2015

in Raymond

We then went into Raymond.  Here we found the local Confederate cemetery.  Dead from the battle as well as other locals who survived the war are buried here.

The Confederate monument at the county courthouse.

And a cool battle mural on the side of a building near main street.

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Jerry said...

I have walked the Raymond battlefield several times, but there has never been the cotton field when I was there. I always wondered what the open field was use for. An impressive row of cannons, but not as impressive as those lined up at Shiloh.
Having grown up in St. Louis I well remember the Old Courthouse. As a teenager I attended a presentation of the play, Julius Ceasar in the Courthouse. Of course the courthouse's major interest is still the Dred Scott case.
Thank you for your posts and photos. Your blog is probably the main reason I began visiting Civil War sites rather than just reading about them. I have a blog about South Mississippians in the Civil War (on BlogSpot.com), but it has been dark for almost a year.