Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Lincoln tomb flag ceremony

When we were researching the Springfield leg of the trip my wife found out that they have a color guard ceremont on Tuesday nights.  So of course we timed things so we would be there for the Tuesday night event.  And it was great.  About two dozens soldiers retrieve the flag that flew in front of the tomb that day and then they give it to one lucky person in the audience (believe there was a raffle to enter that we must have missed as we showed up before all the tables were set up on the path leading to the tomb).  They fire a salute, complete with artillery.  I took videos on my iphone of those aspects but here are a few pictures of the color guard marching.  If I can figure how to upload those iphone videos to blogger then I will have that as a future post as well.  I would definetly do this if we're ever in Springfield again, and next time I'll learn more about how to be in the raffle as having a US flag that flew at the Lincoln tomb would be amazing.

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