Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Fort Osage

Another post from an older visit.  I've been to Fort Osage twice now.  Its east of Kansas City and is a fun little place to visit.  The fort was more a trading post than a fort for battle, starting in the early 1800s.  Its located along the Missouri River which helped its trading status.  Every time I've been there the fort has been staffed by living historians to help interpret.  They help show the trading goods and talk about what life was like for soldeirs of the era.  Highly recommend a visit here.

Interior of the fort with barracks

Believe this was officer quarters.

A blockhouse

A view of the Missouri River

Outside the fort was the trading post. 

View of the river from below the fort

Looking back up at the fort from near the river, the trading post on the right.

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