Monday, September 21, 2015

New Salem

After two days in Springfield we decided to travel to nearby New Salem to see the recreated town where Lincoln lived as a young man. 
Of course there were some Lincoln statues

With my family history in cartography the Lincoln as surveyer statue was pretty cool.

Most of the town is reproduction buildings, with one exception.  That is the cooper, the building on the left.

Inside the cooper's residence next door.

There was a horse out back so that of course drew the kids attention but it's also a pretty view.

Entrance to a cellar, it was interesting to hear the kids' guesses as to what this was. 

Part of the mill.

The first Lincoln store.

The second Lincoln store is across the street, the building on the right.

Where Lincoln first worked in New Salem.

When Lincoln lived here the river was closer to the mill.  Now its 50 yards away.
And of course New Salem also has the Rutledge tavern, where Lincoln found love.  Some believe Ann Rutledge was his only true love but I have no idea about that, just that he did love her.

The kids loved watching the blacksmith.

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