Friday, November 13, 2015

Seattle cemeteries

After a day of doing things geared more to my wife's liking (Pike Place, etc) I convinced her to add one final Civil War thing to our trip, a visit to two cemeteries that had a large number of veteran graves.  The first one was Lake View cemetery.  The main reason people visit this cemetery is because it is where Bruce Lee is buried, but near the gate is a Confederate section.

Obviously these are veterans who moved west after the Civil War, not Confederates who lived in Seattle prior to the war, but it was interesting to see how many there were that decided to be buried together rather than in family plots.

Just north of the cemetery is a Union cemetery.  On the map it looks like the cemeteries connect but there is a road between the two.  You cannot walk between the two easily, except along the road so if you visit just understand that you'll likely need to drive there even though they are next to each other.

Similar to the Confederate cemetery the headstones are laying down.  I wonder why this is. 

This sign had the names and locations of all the burials but some moron defaced it.  I hope in the meantime the sign has been cleaned up.

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