Wednesday, November 11, 2015

British Camp

On the north end of San Juan Island is the English Camp.  Because of the time of year none of the park buildings at this camp were open. 

Of course the English being the English they built a formal garden at their camp.  On the hill behind the garden is where they had officer quarters, no buildings remain there but there are some markers there.

Farther up the hill the English had a small cemetery.  As the inscriptions show most of the deaths were from accidents.  Not a shot was fired in the Pig War but during 12 years of occupation there were bound to be some deaths.

The trail continued farther up the hill and said it offered nice views of the area but I'd already had my wife tramping through mud to reach the cemetery.  I didn't think she was in the mood for more hiking, think more than a mile away, so I happily called an end to the tour. 
I really enjoyed my time on San Juan Island and hope to visit again when all the park facilities are open.  Also the fresh seafood for lunch and dinner was fantastic.

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