Monday, November 16, 2015


During my last visit to Shiloh the park was closed due to the government shutdown so we instead focused on some of the areas outside the park that we've never or seldom visited.  One such site was Adamsville.  I've been there before but its with the park being the crown jewel its not often that I spend much time in Adamsville itself.  Along the road between Savannah and Adamsville, and beyond, there are state historical markers that explain the sites significance but is hampered by a character limit that makes them usually all too general.

Now there is this wonderful little park with a Civil War Trails marker.  Sadly I bet its been up for years showing how long its been since I've been able to tour Shiloh as I like.

Then using a county map we followed the back roads between Adamsville and Shiloh so that we were approximating part of Lew Wallace's march to the battlefield.  Not knowing all the appropriate property ownerships in the area we did not walk the road remnant that would have taken us to Snake Creek.  I know there is NPS land there but not sure how far it extends, and even if we would find much at the creek.  That's a hike for another day.  But this road along the way is almost certainly the road Wallace's division marched along to the battlefield.

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