Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Grant's Headquarters

Grant's headquarters at the Cherry Mansion in Savannah is actually a site I've been to quite a bit but its nice to see how the interpretation presented there has expanded over the years.  Its a private residence and I've never been there on the few occasions that its been opened for tours, maybe some day but not yet. 

There are quite a few signs there, ranging from the more recent Civil War Trails versions to the older NPS versions, and the even older Tennessee Historical Society signs.

Crump's Landing would be upriver (south) around that curve.  Today the town across the river from Savannah is called Crump's so those structures on the far bank are technically Crump's today but in 1862 Crump's Landing would be around that bend a bit.

The view from the Cherry Mansion into the town of Savannah.  It can't be made oout in the picture but near that gas station is a pair of cannons and cannon ball monument placed by the NPS to mark Grant's headquarters.  It would be placed there to be easily seen by tourists rather than route them through a neighborhood, especially since there wouldn't be a spot to place those cannons in the neighborhood.

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