Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Capture of Little Rock

One of the later stops is along the river front in Little Rock.  This is where we got a tad bit lost.  The directions didn't seem to jive with the map and it took us awhile to find the markers we did find.  However this is an interesting place to visit, there are other things to see and do here besides the Civil War.  We also had a hard time finding a place to park, eventually finding a small pay lot with an attendant.  He was interested in our Civil War odessy and allowed us to park for free (and in an area we really were not allowed) when we said we'd be quick in the park.

This statue of Pulaski feels out of place as his historical contribution was during the America Revolution and Little Rock was not around then.

Obviously this submarine is out of place as well but if we had more time in Little Rock I'm sure we would have toured it too.

From what we could tell the Civil War era bridge was in roughly this area.  I believe there was to a be another marker near the bridge site but we did not find that one.

I've included this here as its the last stop of the tour but it occured much earlier in the campaign.  Confederate General Marmaduke did not like the way Walker was supporting him during the campaign.  Walker toom offense to that and issued a challenge to a duel.  General Price tried to halt the duel by placing Marmaduke and others under arrest but released them when the real emergency of the campaign was upon them.  However on September 6th Walker and Marmaduke had thier duel, Walker being mortally wounded in it. 

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