Monday, December 1, 2008


Lately all the talk about "information compilation" blogs made me think about how my blog has evolved since its conception 20 months ago. I've gone through a few changes and have enjoyed what I'm doing. Its been fun interacting with my readers. I've posted more book reviews than I thought I would which has been great. The last few months I had strayed into a very long series on Shiloh. Doing a long series of posts is nothing new to me. I've done the same with Chickamauga and Chattanooga previously. But something about the Shiloh series got me thinking about the blog in general. So I've decided to make a new blog focused on the battle of Shiloh. Not wanting to risk any copy right violations, and lacking title making creativity, I've decided to go with a generic name for the blog, The Battle of Shiloh.

I will continue to do posts here, with the same frequency (Monday through Friday) but I will also do a few posts a week on the new Shiloh blog. The frequency there will vary as topics roll through my mind. My first order of business is adding the monument posts from this blog. Then I will likely do a tour of the battlefield. I have a ton of pictures to share so I will try to lead a detailed tour of the field with those pictures. I'll also do some biographies of officers, share Official Reports, etc. Basically think Bull Runnings for Shiloh.

Battlefield Wanderings will continue with a slightly updated focus. I will focus on wandering battlefields. This will mean I will share my thoughts on touring a particular battlefield and use plenty of pictures to illustrate where you can go and what you can see. In practice that means we will probably explore a different battlefield every 2 weeks. Some battlefield will take more than 2 weeks to explore while others will be substantially shorter (like Britton Lane). I will also continue to do book reviews as this is another of my chief loves. I'm going to try to review a book once a week. The frequency will depend on supply of books and supply of reading time.

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brian said...

Excellent plan for Shiloh, Nick. Best wishes and bon voyage!