Tuesday, December 2, 2008

13th Missouri - 22nd Ohio

This is the second Missouri regiment in McArthur's Brigade that was later redisignated. The other one was the 14th Missouri, which became the 66th Illinois. Now we have the 13th Missouri, which later became the 22nd Ohio. In the battle it was commanded by Col. Crafts J. Wright.

On back of monument:
This regiment was detached from its brigade and ordered to report to Gen. Sherman. It became engaged here about 11 a.m., April 6, 1862. It was driven back to Jones field, rallied and returned to this place, where it was engaged until 2 p.m. It had present for duty, officers and men, 538. Its loss was 10 men killed; 3 officers and 67 men wounded; 1 man missing; total, 81.

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Joseph Williams said...

Where did you get the info on casualties and strength? I read recently the 13th Missouri had 450 men, with 89 casualties during the battle. My source was this book by Larry Daniel, Shiloh:The Battle that Changed the Civil War