Tuesday, December 2, 2008

20th Illinois

On back of monument:
20th Infantry,
Commanded by
1. Lieut. Col. E. Richards, Wounded.
2. Major F. A. Bartleson, Wounded.
3. Capt. O. Frisbie.
Went into position here about 9.00 a.m., April 6, 1862, and held it until 11 a.m., when it withdrew, going to the rear of its own camp where it formed a new line. The regiment lost in the battle 1 officer and 21 men killed; 5 officers and 102 men wounded; 7 men missing; total, 136.


Anonymous said...

Michael Murtaugh died 6 Apr 1862 at Shiloh. He entered Union Army on 13 June 1861 as private in the 20th Regiment, Company D, Illinois infantry and died as a corporal according to U.S. Civil War Soldier Records and Profiles, Provo, UT on Ancestry.com. Do you have any further information on this unit? photos? Is this the same unit as your 20th Infantry commanded by Lt. Col. Richards? Any information will be appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Please Email me at daniel_flora@hotmail.com I am the Captain of the recreated 20th Illinois from Champaign Illinois, I have lots of Info on the regiment.