Tuesday, December 2, 2008

17th Illinois

On back of monument:
17th Infantry,
Commanded by
1. Lieut. Col. Enos P. Wood.
2. Major Francis M. Smith.
This regiment formed the right of the Third Brigade, 1st Division, and went into battle on this line about 8.30 a.m., April 6, 1862, holding it until 10 a.m., when it fell back about 60 yards. The regiment lost in the battle 5 officers and 113 men wounded; 15 men killed; 5 missing; total, 138.

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Lois Willand said...

This is a question, not a comment. A relative, Alexander T. Davis, has on his tombstone in Bath, (Mason County) Illinois the inscription
Lt. A.T. Davis, Co K 17th Regiment, Illinois Volunteers
Who was mortally wounded leading a charge at the Battle of Pittsburg .
Is the unit he fought in the same as the 17th that your blog is written for?