Tuesday, December 2, 2008

41st Illinois

On back of monument:
41st Infantry, Commanded by 1. Col. Isaac Pugh.
2. Lieut. Col. A. Tupper, Killed.
3. Major John Warner.
4. Capt. John N. Hale.

This position was first attacked about 9.00 a.m., April 6, 1862, on a line 100 yards in front, but soon fell back to this position which it held until 2.00 p.m., when it withdrew to repair guns and get ammunition. Its loss in the battle was 2 officers and 19 men killed; 2 officers and 71 men wounded; 3 men missing; total, 97.

As you can see this monument is also near the Peach Orchard. The William Manse George cabin can be see in the background as well as the replanted Peach Orchard.

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