Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Winchester Confederate Cemetery

While getting some materials reading for the Rocky Mountain Civil War roundtable's study group next study, Stonewall's Valley Campaign, (man, that is a mouthful) I remembered the two fabulous cemeteries in Winchester that Mike and I visited last April as part of the most recent study group trip.

The Confederate cemetery is named after Stonewall Jackson. Over 3000 dead are buried here though most appear to be from the 1864 fighting. Each state's dead is buried in its own section with a state monument. Some of the monuments are clearly of modern placement while others appear to be quite old. This reminded me of the cemetery at Carnton except that each of those state monuments is identical and the dead are buried much differently. Ok so I guess the only thing similar is that each cemetery has a state monument and are amazing places to visit.

Here are a few state monuments, more to follow in the coming days.



Don said...


Do you recall if there were burial sites for Federal troops? There were wuite a few Regulars killed at second and third Winchester, so it would seem a logical place for them to be buried.

Nick said...

The National Cemetery is directly across the road from the Confederate cemetery and will be the subject of some upcoming picture posts. There were some nice Federal monuments in there. And I think this was one of those national cemeteries that grouped the dead by state.