Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The Gap - part 10

The discussion of the gap at Chickamauga is now over. I'm still working on answering a few comments brought out by Dave Powell, currently have too little time to give to the subject. But I will get it done. I think the discussion went well. I didn't expect everyone to agree with me but I think we all thought a bit more about the gap than we normally would have. I think this also illuminates that there are plenty of minor battle events that warrant fuller examinations in the western theater. Just because its not Gettysburg doesn't mean we only deserve one general battle overview every couple of decades. I can think of roughly a dozen minor battle events that would be interesting as full examinations that probably will never be done because it didn't happen at Gettysburg.


Dave Powell said...


Thanks for listening. I rarely get to talk about Chickamauga in such detail, and your posts were interesting. We should meet on the field some time.:)

Dave Powell

Nick said...

Its been fun. Guess I need to write another detailed Chickamauga piece so we can hash it out. :) We will definetly have to meet on the field sometime.