Monday, August 27, 2007

107th Ohio

I recently found out I had a relative in the 107th Ohio. He was Peter Reis (Reiss) and served in company F of the 107th Ohio. The relation is not direct. His wife was the sister of the man who married one of my great(something) aunts. But relation is relation, I find it fascinating. Interestingly too his first wife (my connection) died in October 1854 and he remarried in December 1854 and his second wife was Martha Elisabeth Brazel. One of my friend's last names is Brazell, wonder if there is a connection there, that would be spooky.

Peter Reis enlisted on August 22, 1862 for 3 years. He was 39 years old. Their first combat was at Chancellorsville as part of the 11th Corps. At Gettysburg, on July 2nd, Peter was wounded. He would die eight days later from those wounds. What the wounds were I'm not sure. Since I found out about him I haven't even looked thru the OR to see where they were on the 2nd. Their monument is on Barlow Knoll and I'd guess that on the 2nd they were in the Cemetery Hill vicinity. I looked thru the Roll of Honor and if he was buried in the national cemetery he is in an unknown grave. I found a regimental history, reprinted in 2000, and have requested that from my local library. I thought this was interesting too because all my family is from Wisconsin. I have relatives in the 6th, 9th, 24th and 37th Wisconsin; and now I can add the 107th Ohio to the list.

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