Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Rocky Mtn Civil War Symposium

As some of you may I am involved in the Rocky Mountain Civil War Roundtable. I thought I'd take some space to publicize one of our upcoming events. We are in the process of creating a Civil War symposium in the Denver area. We decided to do it to learn something, perhaps expand the roundtable membership, and have fun. If it ends up making money then its something we'll do annually, expanding as we see fit.

We have secured a pretty good list of speakers to fit our theme, The War in the West 1861-1862. Tim Smith will talk about Shiloh. Sam Davis Elliott will talk about Confederate General Alexander P. Stewart. Kenneth Noe will talk about Perryville. Matt Spruill will talk about Stones River. And James Lee McDonough rounds out the group with a talk on the importance of the western theater. Exact topics will be announced here later but this gives you some idea of what will be presented. Each presenter has been published on his topic, plus has had other books published on other western theater topics. For our first year, with no reputation behind us, I think this is a pretty impressive group to sign on with just the hope that we'll do a good job.

Our symposium will be April 5, 2008 at a lecture hall at the Community College of Aurora, our co-sponsor. We will have a few book sellers present (our goal is to have all of the publishers of our speakers represented plus a few local booksellers and I think we'll achieve that). There will most likely be an exhibit featuring a local collector's impressive collection.

I'll get more info out about this from time to time, right now just something else to occupy my time. But I'm glad to do it as I think we can be successful at it and make this an annual event. Plus it should be a great time. If you'd like more info, or be on our mailing list, leave me a comment or shoot me an email. Thanks.


Don said...


Sounds like a great event, particularly for an initial symposium. Count me in!

Anonymous said...

Hello Nick

Wow, this is a very impressive undertaking. I've gone down to the Sympossium in Hillsboro, Texas and these events are a lot of fun. For an initial event, your list of authors is impressive. I'm a book collector and look forward to getting many signed.

Don H.

Nick said...

It should be a great event. Hopefully its something we can continue to have as a yearly event, or maybe we'll just have one great year.