Monday, July 19, 2010

77th Ohio Infantry

77th Ohio Infantry[1]

Second Lieutenant JJ Steenrod (A), Jacob Maurer (A), Albert Kearnes (A), John Dongle (A), Sergeant WL Poterfield (B), Corporal George A Boothe (B), Clinton Dilley (B), Andrew Brown (B), John Wolford (B), Sergeant John Sandford (C), Corporal Jacob Batten (C), Daniel Lowrey (C), Orderly Sergeant James Fleming (D), FF Cottle (D), Sampson Coon (D), Benjamin Hughes (D), Corporal John K Hepburn (E), Daniel Shoup (E), Andrew Williams (E), John Seaber (E), Peter Brandon (E), Emaunuel Linkin (F), Alexander Reynolds (F), John Stoneman (F), Orderly Sergeant AJ Duvall (G), Corporal Daniel Sipple (G), Corporal George Cavanaugh (G), Thomas G Hill (G), Nicholas Roth (G), Mathias Noffsinger (G), Jacob Keukker (G), Jacob Steudle (G), James Baker (G), Sergeant Benjamin F Kimberly (H), Corporal Easly (H), Corporal Wyss (H), Corporal Henkie (H), Francis Burris (H), John Burris (H), Reuben Corn (H), James Hardin (H), Royal Wright (H), John Detwiller (H), James Brabham (K), Thomas Waller (K), Amos Suppler (K), Hugh A Davis (K) and David Davis (K).

John Paskel (A), Ezra Phillips (A), Joseph Hoskins (A), Joseph Harmon (A), David Bosman (A), Henry Keifer (A), Christian Rodocker (A), Sergeant Benjamin F Hill (A), Corporal Francis Mosena (A), Julius Wendland (B), Willard Davis (B), Frederick Booth (B), Henry W Hutchinson (B), Albert W Davis (B), Cornelius Grey (B), Robert Scott (B), Hiram McGee (B), Corporal Wylyss Thomily (B), Corporal James P Dougherty (B), First Lieutenant Mitchell (C), Orderly Sergeant JW Marlow (C), Nathaniel Webber (C), Samuel Bruce (C), Alexander Thomas (C), James Beaver (C), Calvin Beaver (C), Milton Beigle (C), Sergeant Jesse Grey (D), Sergeant John Cline (D), Corporal EA McPeek (D), Corporal GW Kidwell (D), Corporal John Morris (D), Robert H Fleming (D), WT Ables (D), John Cougleton (D), James Walker (D), John McEnrany (D), B Martin (D), B Masters (D), J Masters (D), C Pierce (D), BF Corp (D), John Bartlett (D), CM Steward (D), James Hoffman (D), Peter Coon (D), Christian Bowman (D), John Ingran (D), First Lieutenant Thomas Ganett (E), Sergeant LM Sinclair (E), Corporal Thomas Anderson (E), Corporal George W Williams (E), Corporal Thomas B Crozier (E), Corporal Israel R Heath (E), Corporal James M Baker (E), Benjamin T Dunlap (E), Francis Pitner (E), George Johnson (E), Austin Gill (E), William Chance (E), Joseph Hubbs (E), Edward Burnes (E), James A Dunfre (E), First Lieutenant HB White (F), Thomas Hale (F), Senica Colerick (F), Jesse Slewlynn (F), John Rowland (F), Lahureth Davis (F), Jacob Eddlebberte (F), Patrick Bustrow (F), William B Hinton (F), Second Lieutenant OS Thomas (G), Second Lieutenant Anthony Coon (G), Corporal George Myers (G), Corporal Benjamin Scott (G), Joseph Stukey (G), Edward Mathers (G), Hiram A Blouir (G), John Voshel (G), Alexander Smith (G), Second Lieutenant LJ Fourdker (H), Orderly Sergeant JP Calvert (H), Sergeant Brabham (H), Sergeant Isenbarth (H), Sergeant Fouaker (H), John Casserman (H), Lewis Fouraker (H), Jacob Miller (H), William Porter (H), Andrew Walters (H), Levi Yoss (H), Marcus Dillon (H), Percival Nott (H), First Lieutenant William Scott (I), Corporal James Thomas (I), William Crow (I), John Givens (I), Josiah Heren (I), Christopher Powell (I), Otty Powell (I), Corporal Peter Daly (I), Esau McVey (I), Wilson Verner (I), Lieutenant WH Fisher (K), Sergeant Thomas J Parks (K), Sergeant Nathan B Smith (K), John Dobbins (K), Michael Lyons (K), Brown A Davis (K), William Wilson (K), George Shivers (K) and John Mannifold (K).

William Burton (A), John Koler (A), William Echols (A), John Yardly (B), Edwin W Deming (B), William B Perkins (B), William C Rutter (B), Thomas J McVey (B), William Smithson (B), Thomas Ferguson (C), Buell Filly (C), Joseph Higgins (C), William Authurs (C), Theodore Mead (C), Second Lieutenant H Criswell (E), Edward Kinney (E), Charles J Bloom (E), John F Broxton (E), Robert Knox (E), Thomas McCormick (E), Dennis Hogan (E), William Robinson (E), William Craig (E), George M Breach (F), Captain AW McCormick (G), Corporal Thomas Davis (G), George G Thomas (G), Solomon Youdlly (G), William Haught (G), Alexander Nugent (G), John Kanzig (G), Corporal McKenna (H), JJ Burris (H), Alb Burris (H), Worden Gossit (H), David Power (H), John Soland (H), George Young (H), Aaron Hoover (H), Captain Alvert Chandler (K), Sergeant Thomas M Addis (K), Corporal Thomas J Brabham (K), Corporal Peter B Keith (K), George Masters (K), Samuel Donaldson (K), James Grandstaff (K), Charles W Delaney (K), Samuel D Shivun (K), Samuel Henderson (K), Anthony Allen (K), Levi J Friel (K), Moses Adams (K), Stephen D Mathews (K), Charles W Wharf (K), Paul W Davis (K) and Nathan Shockley (K).

[1] Reports of Officers in Relation to a Recent Battle at Pittsburg Landing. Millwood, NY: Kraus Reprint, 1977. Originally published as U.S. 37th Congress, 2nd session, 1861-1862. Senate. Executive Documents Printed by Order of the Senate of the United States for the Second Session of the Thirty-Seventh Congress, 1861-62. 6 vols. Washington D.C., 1861. pp 129-31


Anonymous said...

Nice Job! I have been reading any post I can find for 30 years about the 77th Ohio as my GG-Grandfather's two sons were shot at Shiloh. You have them listed on your list. Pvt Otty Powell and his brother Christopher. ( Co. I )

The official roster has them listed incorrectly as they both died from their wounds. Both were transported to a Louisville, Ky. hospital by steamboat. Christopher was shot in the face and died on April 14,1862 and is buried in Cave Hill National cemetery. (grave 515)

Otty was taken home to Monroe County Ohio where he died on April 26,1862 from his wounds.

I have pictures of both graves if you want a copy and some other info. Thanks Bill Rushin
(bgetya2 (at)

Anonymous said...

My GGG-uncle was Col Hildebrand

Nevada70 said...

I find it interesting that Charles W. Wharf (my gggreat-grandfather), Company K, is listed as "missing"; he was apparently eventually found, because he lived until 1924 (he's buried in Iowa).

Joseph M. Hoskins III said...

I was glad to see this web page , I was searching for monument pics of the Battle of Shiloh, the 77th Regiment of Ohio, when I found it. You have my G Grandfather Joseph Hoskins listed third on the injured list, he was shot in the left shoulder on the first day, I have a copy of his discharge, I just recently acquired and set his Civil War marker on his grave, he lived until 1918, but couldn`t use his left arm. Great job, Thank You

Joseph M. Hoskins III said...

Joseph Hoskins, the third on your list of wounded is my great grandfather, he was shot in the left shoulder the first day of battle, he lived till 1918 in Duffy , Oh, He never regained use of his arm but whould go to New Martinsville, WV and gather the mail for the Duffy residents, I recently acquired a civil war headstone for him and placed it on his gravesite.

Bob Blinco said...

Jacob Prest my Great Great Grandfather survived throughout the war. In 1871 he applied for a disability for war related illness. He is buried in the Civil War circle in Martins Ferry.

Butchmac1 said...

My great grandfather Divers B. McElwee and his brother Burton (Budd) D. McElwee served in companies D &H of the 77th Ohio from mid-1863 until the end of the war. My great grandfather was injured at the Battle of Marks Mill but was able to avoid capture by the rebels. Both my gr-grandfather and uncle received pensions for their Union service. I have my gr-grandfathers discharge certificate and his complete pension file. His pension file contains 189 pages beginning in 1889 when he first applied and ended in 1931 when my gr-grandmother died (she received a widows pension after my gr-grandfather died in 1916). My gr-grandfather is buried in Pocahontas County WV where he settled after the war.