Monday, July 5, 2010

58th Ohio Infantry

58th Ohio Infantry[1]

Haver. Hoelldorfer (A), Sergeant Charles Shaw (B), Henry Fessler (B), Sergeant David Bauer (D), Corporal Joseph Bose (E), Emanuel Shadder (E), Amos Kokley (F), Daniel Mossner (G), Sebastian Bessber (G) and Leonard Bond (K).

Color-bearer Corporal Frederick Bohme (A), William Alott (A), Second Lieutenant Henry Oderfeld (B), Corporal Adolph Herrmann (B), Henry Brimmer (B), Joseph Fleichans (B), Samuel Selig (B), Captain L Barentsen (C), Valentin Hank (C), Corporal Christian Ranft (C), Michael Hank (C), Bernhard Kaihold (D), Frank Kebelmayer (D), Frederick Esch (D), Louis Grethen (D), Aug. Kleigel (D), Corporal Jacob Koock (E), Christian Miller (E), Henry Steelbs (F), Corporal Nathan Burhanan (F), Jacob Burgoon (F), Ernst Kunsel (G), John Prell (G), Peter Wecke (G), Theodore Sirming (G), Jacob Kochendorfer (G), First Sergeant FH Beam (H), Joseph White (H), Corporal Henry H Diseen (I), Aquila Rice (I), Joseph McDowell (I), S Ward (I), J Putnam (I), George Ludwig (I), First Sergeant Daniel Nonneumaker (K), Robert Cane (K), George Palmer (K), Peter Voltz (K), James Mowry (K), William Keck (K) and Henry Palmer (K).

[1] Reports of Officers in Relation to a Recent Battle at Pittsburg Landing. Millwood, NY: Kraus Reprint, 1977. Originally published as U.S. 37th Congress, 2nd session, 1861-1862. Senate. Executive Documents Printed by Order of the Senate of the United States for the Second Session of the Thirty-Seventh Congress, 1861-62. 6 vols. Washington D.C., 1861. pp 72-4

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