Wednesday, July 28, 2010

16th United States Infantry

16th United States Infantry[1]

William Howard (A), Captain William H. Acker (C), Patrick Kehoe (C), Edward Brady (E), First Lieutenant Edward L. Mitchell (F) and Sergeant Brice V. Baker (G).

Nicholas Arthur (A), Lars Christopherson (A), John Dennis (A), David C. Foy (A), Ellof Jellum (A), Martin McCarty (A), Michael McDermott (A), Corporal George McNeil (A), Thomas Nolan (A), Patrick O’Marra (A), Dennis D. Patterson (A), Mohlen Taylor (A), Thomas Spice (A), William J. Leslie (B), Robert Trapky (B), Philip Carigan (C), Thomas Donahue (C), John Dwyer (C), Joseph Foley (C), John Gallagher (C), Corporal John Healy (C), James McKinney (C), Charles Mann (C), Terrence O’Brien (C), Ami C. Perry (C), Henry Pierce (C), First Sergeant M.F. Powers (C), Charles Wing (C), John Hurley (D), Captain B.T. Keyes (D), John Kruger (D), James O’Conner (E), Sergeant John Ryan (E), W.H. Smith (E), William Barte (F), George Bidwell (F), Ami Duan (F), Stephen B. Hoyt (F), Corporal W.H. Davis (G), Charles Deverdine (G), G.A. Ebel (G), Elijah Fickle (G), John Gillespie (G), Isaac Harper (G), Michael Keas (G), George Mahon (G), Robert Marshall (G), Robert Mickle (G), Michael Parker (G), and John Wirt (G).

[1] Reports of Officers in Relation to a Recent Battle at Pittsburg Landing. Millwood, NY: Kraus Reprint, 1977. Originally published as U.S. 37th Congress, 2nd session, 1861-1862. Senate. Executive Documents Printed by Order of the Senate of the United States for the Second Session of the Thirty-Seventh Congress, 1861-62. 6 vols. Washington D.C., 1861. pp 248-9

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