Friday, June 25, 2010

53th Ohio Infantry

53th Ohio Infantry[1]

Charles L Winterton (A), Richard E Shephard (A), Jacob Prig (A), Francis Smith (F), John Rose (F), Benjamin Woods (I) and Daniel McLeary (K).

Sergeant George W Eddy (A), Sergeant Gilbert R Sopshire (A), Corporal John McLay (A), AT Jenkins (A), A Wade (A), WJ Hopper (A), Sergeant Joel G Woolman (B), George Burton (B), Hugh Thomas (B), John Welch (C), Sergeant Thomas McFarland (E), George Russel (E), Smith Cox (E), Reuben Smather (E), Corporal James N House (F), Nathan Adams (F), William J Bowers (F), AW Chenoweth (F), Austin Cottril (F), Jordan Deal (F), August D Maloon (F), Jos. A Mackey (F), Daniel Yerian (F), LE Booth (F), Corporal Daniel Beasley (G), William Campbell (G), Second Lieutenant JH Lasley (H), Corporal Elisha B Meek (H), Jacob Himan (H), Corporal SS Fultz (H), Daniel Neal (I), First Sergeant EF McAroy (K) and RW Darrah (K).

John Carrigan (C), John W Weeks (C), Aaron Butler (E), Daniel Wells (F), Charles H Watson (H), JR Mathews (H), Jos. Garrick (K) and Emanuel Schreider (K).

[1] Reports of Officers in Relation to a Recent Battle at Pittsburg Landing. Millwood, NY: Kraus Reprint, 1977. Originally published as U.S. 37th Congress, 2nd session, 1861-1862. Senate. Executive Documents Printed by Order of the Senate of the United States for the Second Session of the Thirty-Seventh Congress, 1861-62. 6 vols. Washington D.C., 1861. pp 133-4

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