Wednesday, June 23, 2010

49th Ohio Infantry

49th Ohio Infantry[1]

GL Williamson (A), Corporal Thomas McBride (B), Calvin Bonersock (B), Thomas Fisher (C), Oliver H Robison (D) and Lewis Wood (E).

Joseph Dietz (A), Daniel Wise (A), LH Harvie (A), SH Dixon (A), Jacob Grindle (A), Charles Wetherbee (A), Orderly Sergeant James Redmond (B), Corporal George W Poats (B), Corporal OP Boygart (B), Corporal Thomas Smith (B), George W Waggoner (B), William Stevenson (B), JW Rintz (B), Freeman Hurs (B), Andrew Berkett (B), Samuel Hayer (C), Alford Heitshew (D), DS Elder (D), AC Gregg (D), William Nichols (D)[2], Hecassa Musgraves (D)[3], Charles Franks (E), Sergeant Levi Laughlin (F), Corporal CC Laughlin (F)[4], James Stoner (F), John H Stoner (F), WS Flangher (F), TI Mercer (F), John Wise (G), George Babbitt (G), IS Grames (G), Eli Butler (I) and WHH Ingle (K).

[1] Reports of Officers in Relation to a Recent Battle at Pittsburg Landing. Millwood, NY: Kraus Reprint, 1977. Originally published as U.S. 37th Congress, 2nd session, 1861-1862. Senate. Executive Documents Printed by Order of the Senate of the United States for the Second Session of the Thirty-Seventh Congress, 1861-62. 6 vols. Washington D.C., 1861. pp 257-8, 262-3
[2] Listed as William Hickles on page 258.
[3] Listed as Micajah Musgraves on page 258.
[4] Is included in the regimental list of wounded from April 10 on page 262 but is not in the brigade list from April12 on page 238.

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GenKnit said...

Hi, Nick--

I was tickled to find this post while searching for the 49th Ohio Volunteer Infantry, Company B.

One of the soldiers who was killed was Calvin Bowersox (not Bonersock). He was the brother of my great-great-grandmother, Margaret Bowersox. I have in my possession a copy of a letter he wrote to his sister just before he was killed at the Battle of Pittsburg Landing (a.k.a. the Battle of Shiloh). If you do a search online for Cal Bowersox, you'll find a link to a letter he wrote to a Texas Ranger, too.

I assume Cal's name was spelled incorrectly by someone in the NARA or the War Department or somewhere, and it probably explains why I can't find much about him in the Civil War records!

Thanks for compiling the information here.

Sue Clark ("genknit").