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46th Ohio Infantry

46th Ohio Infantry[1]

Captain HH Geary (D), George Bear (D), James White (D), Lieutenant Hiram B Wilson (G), Dallas Merchant (G), Theodore Woodruff (G), Levi Millington (G), Samuel Millington (G), Sergeant John Rowles (C), David Taylor (C), Lewis Walmire (C), William Guge (C), EM Shaw (C), John Stewart (C), Sergeant Benjamin F Hasson (F), Corporal Eli Swartz (F), Silas Roby (F), Nicholas Nan (F), Jerome W Fields (F), HW Proctor (F), James M Church (H), Wilson P Smith (H), MJ Gibbons (H), Martin Regner (H), Bruce E Brown (H), Sergeant Philip B Glen (K), William Dermston (K), Corporal Henry C Stiles (B), George W Finks (B), Joseph South (B), HC Burr (E), Joel Stuttle (E), Eli Baker (E), John Brown (I) and Alexander Jeremob (I).

Corporal George Frankenburgh (D), A McGill (D), DO Smith (D), Jacob Shilling (D), Corporal Tho. Tansy (G), Richard Spindler (G), E Wood (G), Joseph Campbell (G), John G Paul (G), Asa McCammack (G), Phillip Sutton (G), John King (G), Joseph T Barnes (G), Joseph Clossin (G), David Cam (G), Sergeant EW Pettill (C), Corporal Thomas Batson (C), Corporal William Noble (C), Corporal M Leohner (C), Corporal James Carine (), David Busuff (), Devill Culp (), DS Evans (C), Geo. Harrison (C), Jacob Hare (C), AG Martin (C), Miles McGeoown (C), DM Noe (C), George Parkinson (C), Frank Smith (C), James Thompson (C), George Wise (C), RM Yontz (C), William Yontz (C), James Kyner (F), Christian Zools (F), Daniel Shelter (F), Joseph Cherry (F), John Broyls (F), Thomas McKierman (F), John Oriley (F), John Kitter (F), John Stephenson (F), Thomas Williams (F), John Carran (F), Benjamin Winchester (F), George Presly (F), Lieutenant John Ramsey (H), Sergeant AA McConnell (H), Sergeant Michael A Sibley (H), Sergeant Joseph Amos (H), Corporal Joseph Alexander (H), HG Afflick (H), John Hays (H), M Ham (H), Alfred Koch (H), WH Newland (H), Benedick Lery (H), John D Reed (H), William Sayne (H), Samuel Richards (H), Corporal James E Gowans (H), Corporal Theodore F Cook (H), Corporal Martin Myers (H), Corporal Caleb Roberts (K), Corporal John W Holston (K), Corporal Jackson Balding (K), Isaac Dilbone (K), N Donfon (K), John Greaves (K), William E Ireland (K), Robert Ireland (K), Nathan Lewis (K), Tilman Lewis (K), John T McCollough (K), John Miller (K), James H Watson (K), George H Danel (K), John Gressler (K), Abram Delving (K), Patrick Conlin (K), Danel Hyshire (K), William Heathcoate (K), William H Hollis (K), Alfred Risner (K), Henry Weaver (K), Thomas M Galleher (K), William Zimmerman (K), D Hepshire (K), WO Bodle (K), Sergeant John W Williams (B), Corporal George M Carter (B), Henry Weller (B), Owen Mansfield (B), Elias McKinney (B), John A Swenk (B), William Shine (B), Charles Wallace (B), E Williams (B), Lieutenant WW Watts (E), J Brentlmyer (E), Alexander Coon (E), H Boswell (E), B Clark (E), H Fellows (E), William Jones (E), H Shuttle (E), William Wallinbayer (E), William Thomas (E), Edward Lebring (E), William Hines (E), J Andur (E), T Fryer (E), J Muslin (E), C Skeels (E), A Wright (E),
Corporal Joseph Fishey (I), John Atwater (I), George H Bethard (I), Jackson Crowell (I), Adam Mont (I), John Stales (I), Jetho Hall (I), Joshua Gipe (I), Henry Waterman (I), Philip Burtes (A), WH King (A), James W Tullis (A), Am. Trubey (A), George Dumfon (A), Daric P Dunothan (A), AB Bivion (A), A Croghan (A), John Boraff (A), John Heppeand (A), Joseph Murtomire (A), John Horner (A), Enoch Thomas (A), William Lytle (A) and Henry Hoots (A).

Sergeant Wm. S Dalton (D), Andrew L Bancroft (D), James Blair (D), William Hempy (D), Jacob Heartman (D), L Zimmerman (D), Andrew Sheredon (D), Christ. Angle (D), Lewis Bowman (G), James Baker (G), Henry Farman (G), Jacob Kissel (G), Elisha A Hunt (G), Thomas Hearst (G), Thomas Jamieson (G), Jesse Milen (G), Samuel Rees (G), Joshua Robinson (G), Joseph Wright (G), John Herron (G), Owen Hill (C), William Snieder (C), JW Hanson (C), Mothen Wyckoff (C), AF Wise (C), BF Gontz (F), William Bennett (F), Jacob N Cly (F), John Cook (F), Francis Johnson (F), John McDonough (F), Dennis O’Niel (F), Paulmas Massey (F), Corporal John Engle (H), Corporal Peter Hughes (H), Bernard Balding (K), Archibald Casteel (K), Lemuel Swift (K), Otho Fox (K), William Greaves (K), James F Kibley (B), Charles Constock (E), T Coats (E), J Brown (E), Cal. Hayes (E), William Suddith (I), Andrew Noland (I), Eli Hatfield (I), Elijah Hastings (I), Dahel Wallet (A), Ailer. Williams (A) and Thomas McGlothin (A).

[1] Reports of Officers in Relation to a Recent Battle at Pittsburg Landing. Millwood, NY: Kraus Reprint, 1977. Originally published as U.S. 37th Congress, 2nd session, 1861-1862. Senate. Executive Documents Printed by Order of the Senate of the United States for the Second Session of the Thirty-Seventh Congress, 1861-62. 6 vols. Washington D.C., 1861. pp 159-61

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lisarickey said...

Thank you for posting this. I recently came across some letters detailed what happened to Howard G. Affleck (H.G. Afflick on this list) after the Battle of Shiloh. He had a horrible wound and malaria, apparently, and died about 5 weeks later at his parents' home in Ohio. I plan to write about it soon.