Thursday, May 24, 2007

The Tigress - Grant's Floating Headquarters

My buddies over at the Shiloh Discussion Group ( had been looking for pictures and info on the Tigress, the ship Grant used during the Shiloh campaign. I posted some pictures on another website but did not realize people had to join that message board to see them. So with minor prodding I've decided to post them here so that they'll be easier for all to see.

The flagpole from the Tigress survived the war and was returned to Cairo, Illinois, afterwards. Apparently many of the crew were from Cairo and wanted to preserve part of their history. I found the flagpole in the Custom House Museum there and the staff allowed me to take a few pictures. The museum is quite interesting and I would recommend it if you're ever in the area.

This was Grant's desk while he was in Cairo. The desk is nothing special but I love the little plastic wheels on the bottom. That's how you know its Grant's desk and not McClellan's. Grant was always ready for action, so much so that he had plastic wheels installed on his desk. :)


judi said...

Plastic? I don't think so.

Nick said...

I was making a joke about the plastic wheels. There really are plastic wheels but I'm sure they are a modern addition. Its kinda sad that this piece has been altered in such a way, maybe it was done before the museum got ownership of it, that would be my guess, but still sad that it was done and never repaired.