Monday, May 21, 2007

A few more monuments at Antietam

As mentioned in previous posts I am fascinated by the reliefs on the monuments. The regiment added a relief to tell their story better than words could. Some battlefields have more of these than others. It seems to me that Chickamauga and Antietam probably have more of these than most other battlefields.

This one is on the 20th New York's monument near the Visitor's Center and shows the regiment entering combat. They were known as the Turner Rifles, obviously a German name, and there is a second monument to the regiment in the national cemetery.

The Burnside's Bridge area has the largest concentration of these reliefs. This on shows the 11th Connecticut fighting for the bridge.
This one shows the 16th Connecticut crossing the bridge.
And here is the 51st Pennsylvania attacking the bridge.

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kathywittes said...

Just wondering if you had a picture of the 51st Pennsylvania monument with the names.
Kathy Wittes