Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Rocky Mtn CW Roundtable at Antietam

As I wrapup my posts on Antietam I thought I'd share some pictures of the fine gentlemen I had the pleasure of sharing the field with.

This is Ray and I walking through a corn field near the tower. I am on the right.
Here is Mike with his camera rig. The harness is designed to minimize vibration and make everything look smooth. The headphones he's wearing were connected to a wireless mic that I wore. It probably took the group a day and a half before they realized I had on a mic.
Here the group is looking towards the right flank of the Union attack on the Sunken Road. A moment before everyone was pointing but I just missed that shot. From right to left its: Jim, just the front part of Bob, Larry, Matt, Ned (behind Matt), Dave, Craig (in the yellow hat) and Ray.
The group trudges down a path along the final attack trail. From right to left its: Ray, Gary, Bob, Wayne, Larry and Matt.
And our group picture taken at Burnside's Bridge. Back row, right to left: Wayne, Jim, Ian, Dave, Bob, Ray, Larry and Gary (my dad). Kneeling, right to left: Nick (me), Mike, Ned, Matt and Craig. A great bunch of guys.

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