Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Mary Locher cabin

During our many days at Antietam we ran into Ranger Mannie many times. One of his tips was to take a small side trip across Highway 65 just west of the West Woods. Maybe only 30 yards off the road is the Mary Locher cabin. If you look on the Trailhead Graphics map you will not see it but it is just north of the A. Poffenberger farm.

The Locher cabin is believed to be the oldest building on the battlefield and one of the oldest in the county dating back to colonial days. The building is in sad shape and is well past the point of being fixed up to allow visitors and it is now hoped that the building can be fixed to the point that its not in danger of falling over.

A carport-like structure has been built over the building to keep as much rain, and wind, away from the building. This was a neat side trip, thanks Mannie.

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