Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Gettysburg cyclorama

Last October my dad was in Gettysburg without me. The Visitor's Center had just instituted their new fee schedule (which has since been raised). The restored cyclorama was fairly new as well so he took a bunch of photos.

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R. Lombardo said...

Thanks for the pictures. I was there last week to see the restored painting,but there was so many people packed in the Cyclorama,all you could see was right in front of you.After the show they ran you out so the next bunch could get in.In fact they were coming in before we got out. I would have liked to walk around and seen the whole painting. I saw it in the old building before the restoration.I was very disappointed as to how it was run. I guess it's about getting as many through as they can during the day. Again thanks for the pictures.