Monday, June 29, 2009

Albert Sidney Johnston

A few months ago my buddy Mike was in Austin and took some pictures of Albert Sidney Johnston's grave for me, and to share here. After the battle of Shiloh Johnston was buried in New Orleans but was moved to Texas in 1867.

Outside of Johnston's grave there is a Confederate section.

There are quite a few other Civil War notables in the Texas State Cemetery, as well as many other important figures in Texas history. One of the Civil War notables Mike snapped a picture of was Major General John Austin Wharton. Wharton commanded the Texas Rangers at Shiloh and was steadily promoted throughout the war. He was killed near the end of the conflict by George W. Baylor, a fellow officer, due to "an unpleasant misunderstanding of military matters." Apparently the problem arose over the reorganization of the Trans-Mississippi department and Wharton called Baylor a liar and slapped him. Baylor replied with his pistol while Wharton was unarmed.

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