Thursday, January 29, 2009

Redoubt Brannan

The other remaining part of Fortress Rosecrans that you can tour is much smaller. Redoubt Brannan was basically a small fort within the fort that offered room for a battery's worth of cannon to operate. I've always seen the weeds pretty high here so there has never been any great shots of the redoubt. In person you can see more of the shape of the ground and can better picture where the various cannons would have been. These pictures don't do that part justice.

The outside wall of the redoubt, showing that if the fort had been attacked directly it would have been a difficult chore.

Fortress Rosecrans was barely attacked during the Nashville campaign in 1864. The Confederates exchanged fire with the fort but had no intention of attacking it. They had too few men to attempt it and there were too many cannon in the fort.

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