Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Army Headquarters

There are very few monuments at Stones River, but each army's headquarters is marked. William Rosecrans' monument is outside the main park boundary along the Nashville Pike. It is a small spot with a few parking places.
Braxton Bragg actually had two headquarters. His first was located in Murfreesboro, his second is just west of Stones River. Once again it is a small spot to see, but from there you can walk down to the river and get a nice view. Here is looks like a very slow moving river, it seems that every time I visit the park the river seems slower here than it does at McFadden's Ford. I'm not sure if that's just perception but that is what I tend to observe. You can tell here that the banks are not too great for fording wagons, but infantry could ford here. The river is muddy in this picture but I've seen it on clear days and it does not appear to be too deep here.

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