Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I've updated a few of my settings around here. Blogger has a new (to me) feature that shows when the most recent blog was posted for each of my listed blogs. I like this feature so I've added it to me list. I also moved some blogs into, and out of, the inactive group. If you feel your blog was moved improperly let me know and I'll fix it.

I've also added the information compilation section like has been talked about on a few different blogs this week. I think it is useful to sort some blogs into this section. If you want your blog included in this section let me know. Basically I put blogs in there that seemed like the posts were mostly geared towards putting some sort of Civil War knowledge/information online with a minimum of opinion. A few I had a hard time classifying. Like Gettysburg Daily. That site shows some feature of Gettysburg daily and when I plan my next trip there I'll use the site to amass a list of places I want to see, and there are things I've learned from it but I just wasn't sure it was "information compilation." Now if they did an officer biography or unit history every day then I probably would add it to the compilation section. There were others I had a hard time with too. Basically this is a somewhat new designation and as such is still in its formative stage. I'm sure there will be blogs to add, and remove, from the "information compilation" section in the coming weeks and months but at least today I started to make some changes around here.

I'm also looking at making a few other small additions to the right column information. One idea is to add a section with small book reviews. Like a list of what I've read recently. Some things I've read I'm waiting on posting the review here until it appears in print in Civil War News, and in the meantime I thought it might be nice to have a picture of the book, and a paragraph that gives a very quick overview with a recommendation on how good the book was.


Jim Miller said...

Hey Nick,

I'll throw my hat into the ring and offer my blog, Civil War Notebook ( as an information compilation blog. I started transcribing articles from my hometown Civil War news paper, and now I'm transcribing other papers as well.

Nick said...

Sounds good. I've added you too.