Thursday, November 27, 2008

16th Iowa

On back of monument:
Iowa 16th Regiment Infantry Volunteers,
Commanded by Col. Alexander Chambers, (Wounded),
Lieut. Col. Add. H. Sanders.
This regiment early in the morning of April 6, 1862, formed on the bluff at Pittsburg Landing and for the first time received ammunition. It remained in this position an hour, when by orders of General Grant it marched with the 15th Iowa to the support of McClernand's (1st) Division. It entered the field near Oglesby's headquarters and while passing over it was fired upon by artillery and musketry. Its Colonel commanding officially reported that the regiment formed line of battle here about 10.30 in the forenoon, and advancing to the edge of timber held that position for an hour or more, and then retired under orders. Later in the day under command of Lieutenant Colonel Sanders it supported Schwartz's battery. On Monday it was on the reserve line. Present for duty 785. Its loss was 2 officers and 15 men killed; 11 officers and 90 men wounded; 13 men captured or missing; total, 131.

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