Thursday, November 27, 2008

54th Ohio

54th Ohio Infantry (Zouaves)
Commanded by Col. T. Kilby Smith
Lt. Col. Jas. A. Farden
On back of monument:
This regiment, with six of its companies at this place and four companies 300 yards to the left, defended the position, on extreme left of Union army, from 11.30 a.m. to 2 p.m., April 6, 1862. Its loss was 2 officers and 23 men killed; 5 officers and 128 men wounded; 32 men missing; total, 190. Killed
Co. A. Ezra J. Latham, Nahum Chesley, William Holcomb ,Louis Stirtz
Co. B. Franklin B. Adams, James M. Castleman, Francis V. Hale, Henry King, Allen H. Lowe
Co. C. 2d Lt. George DeCharm, Thomas N. Dowden, Fergus Mitchell, John Caplin, Jason Randall Co. D. William H.H. Shockey, John E. Lusk, Joseph McTaggart, William Northup
Co. E. James Potter
Co. F. Capt. Peter Bertram, Edward Moon, Samuel Carl, Frank Oberinger
Co. G. Albert Black, John Ferguson
This is one of my favorite regimental monuments because it depicts a Zouave soldier. Of the four states (Indiana, Illinois, Iowa and Ohio) that have monuments for every regiment they had at the battle Ohio is the only one that did a different style for each monument. Some are similar but they are not nearly as identical as the other three states did.

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