Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Poe Field

For some reason the fighting in Poe Field has always eluded me, I don't know why but I just do not have a good handle on that action. Here are the few things I can say confidently. Poe Field is along the LaFayette Road between Kelly Field and Brotherton Field. This is where the Union lined curved back and came into contact with the road after having a sort of salient in front of Kelly Field (along what is now Battleline Road). I am not sure what fighting was seen here on the 19th. I'm pretty sure that on the 20th after the break through the Confederates pushed north into Poe Field. I hate to admit this but this is just an area I don't know much about, maybe that's because the Kelly and Brotherton fields are much more prominent in the story, maybe it's because little of significance happened here.

In any respect here is a picture of the Union cannons as the line curves back toward LaFayette Road. The LaFayette Road runs left to right in the picture along the tree line (a stop sign can be seen where the park tour road intersects the LaFayette Road). North is to the right.
Here's looking at those same cannon from in Poe Field, looking north. The LaFayette Road can be easily distinguished because cars can be seen on in.
Those cannon are now at the far end of the picture (they can be seen if you click on the picture itself). The cannons in the foreground are Confederates.
And a silly picture taken from those Confederate cannon looking to the west. The LaFayette Road is not visible but is this side of those other Confederate cannon (running left to right).

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