Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Life and The War

Just wanted to let you all know that I might not be as active here in the near future as I've been previously. I got engaged 11 days ago and since then wedding plans have been in high gear. The October date got pushed up to July 11th because it was the same price no matter the month, so we figured we'd do it earlier.

Then there were various problems with finding a reception site. We found the one we loved but were unable to book it because that lady was not working that day. Then we called the next five on our list and found out they were booked for the entire summer. So we decided we'd just have to cut the guest list to fit the chapel's reception facilities. Last night our first choice called and amazingly they had that date open, so now we have our first choice for chapel and reception site. Just a lot of nervousness and phone calls but it all paid off.

Yesterday my fiance (I never get tired of saying that) found the perfect wedding dress and bought it. Pretty much we're down to getting the cake, flowers, tuxes, and picking a menu. Those are the major details and they are things we don't have to worry too much about right now.

Once the date and location was finalized I went ahead and asked two buddies to be my best man and groomsman. That was a hard choice. Only picking two guys out. But hopefully my other close friends will understand that its a small wedding party and was a tough choice.

Also we are looking at buying a townhouse. Tonight we're making an offer. If that goes well that will be the main reason my blogging is going to slack off here as there will be tons of painting and remodeling to do. Putting too much on our plates at once? Maybe but I think we'll make it through. Another interesting thing about this townhouse is that I'll be very close to one of my good buddies, within walking distance. If you cut through people's back yards I think you'd only have to cut through two to get to his back yard, doing it legally is a bit more roundabout but not too tough. Maybe I can convince him to come paint, or maybe just come over for scotch and talk about the war. [What do ya say Ian?]

I'll still post here but I might not be able to keep up the 5 a week pace. I'm sure I'll have good weeks and bad weeks. Just didn't want you all to think I'd given up on this once the posts start becoming less frequent.


Don said...

Congratulations, Nick, sounds like things are progressing nicely.

Nick said...

Thanks. We had a hiccup on the housing but we'll keep looking and find something sooner or later.