Monday, April 30, 2007


This post is actually out of order. I was looking thru the picture dates on these files and we actually visited Shepherdstown between Fort Frederick and Frederick. I guess I didn't realize how full that first day was; Hagerstown, Fort Frederick, Shepherdstown, Frederick and Monocacy.

Shepherdstown is where Lee recrossed the Potomac after the battle of Antietam. There was also a battle nearby where Pendleton nearly lost a ton of artillery. And it is also where AP Hill crossed the Potomac on his way up to save the day at Antietam. The town itself is a nice little old town, has the same feel that most of the little towns in the area have.

Down the river, on the West Virginia side, we ran into Pack Horse Ford. Its also known as Boteler's, Blackford's or the Shepherdstown Ford. This was the first time I'd seen it called Pack Horse Ford and it threw me a bit.

The land along the shore is private so we were unable to get a picture of the river from here. A few days later with the rest of the group we approached the ford from the other side (Maryland side) of the river and were able to approach the water. I don't know how deep the Potomac actually is but it does not look fordable anymore.Mike and I also lucked out with another train shot. Like most of our train shots this was one was a bit lucky. We were standing on the bridge while cars zoomed past getting shots of the river. Just as we packed up our stuff we heard the train a coming. Got everything put back up and got footage of the train crossing the river.

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