Monday, April 23, 2007

My first blog and my first post

Today I finally decided to start a blog. I've long enjoyed reading them, I've got a few that I frequent a few times a week. But today I decided to start my own. I belong to, and participate in several message boards but have slightly tired of them and thought a blog would be a better way to get some of my thoughts out there. My goal is simple, to share my thoughts on Civil War topics. This means book reviews, reviews of my trips, random thoughts, and research finds (plus anything else that strikes my fancy). I really only expect a small audience, a few friends and fellow nuts. If others enjoy it too then that's a bonus.


Brian Downey said...

Hi Nick,

Welcome to the 'sphere and good luck with your new blog! I'll be watchin'

Nick said...

Thanks. Its been fun so far. Right now I have a lot of stuff from the trip to post.