Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Antietam Trip - part 2, Gettysburg

After a hectic trip east we finally arrived on a battlefield on Sunday afternoon, Easter Sunday to be accurate. Its been nearly 6 years since I've been to Gettysburg and its amazing the changes they've made. And are still making. We saw fresh cuts near Devil's Den and Steven's Knoll. Plus I know from friends, and message boards, that there have been lots of other cuttings.

But we started at the visitor center and made a loop of the battlefield quickly viewing the changes. We climbed into the Pennsylvania monument which offers amazing views. Below is a view looking towards the Peach Orchard. The round tops would be just off to the left of the picture.

We also climbed the tower on Culp's Hill. The view there was great. This was due to some tree cuttings but also because very few leaves were on trees. I was surprised there were so few buds out but it made for great views. From there we also had a great view of the new Visitor's Center.

Mike and I then proceeded to climb Big Round Top. I had never been up there and was surprised there were so many monuments up there. We intended to sit on Little Round Top to catch the obligatory Warren at sunset photo but the wild was killer. It was definetly colder than advertised and I was thinking of buying thermal underwear. Mike has some footage from 6 years ago of Warren at sunset so we decided to try something new and went down by the high water mark. Mike got some beautiful footage there while I shot stills of some monuments and vistas nearby. We hung out here til nearly dark, at least dark enough that there best sunset shots were taken. (Sidenote: Mike is a talented film maker and hopes to one day shot a Gettysburg documentary. He's looking into grants and the like so maybe one day soon his dream will come true. In the meantime when he visits Gettysburg he trys to add footage that will later be useful in th documentary and he treats other battlefield trips as practice for the big movie. I hope he makes it. And I'll be his pack mule, just next time I'm packing way more clothes than I think I'd need.) We then headed down to Hagerstown which would be our center of operations for the next few days until the rest of the roundtable guys arrived.

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