Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Lincoln tombs

Of course the tomb Lincoln now rests in is not the first tomb he was placed.  The first in Springfield was the general receiving tomb.  A second tomb was built into the hill behind this tomb and the top of that hill is where the final tomb would be.  I recall reading at the presidental musuem that the receiving tomb was never used after it was used for Lincoln however the sign at the tomb states that it was used a dozen times in the years after.
This is the Lincoln sign at the back of his final tomb.
 The receiving tomb.

This is the hill behind the receiving tomb.  At the top of the hill can be seen the back of the final tomb.  At the base of a tree in the left center there is a stone marker for where the secondary tomb was while Lincoln's grand final tomb was built.

And then the final tomb seen from the front. 

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