Friday, August 14, 2015

Inside Lincoln's House

The tour of the Lincoln home is amazing.  Some items are original to Lincoln, others are just period pieces.  Too many items for me to remember what was original and what was not. 

This is the parlor, the room could be closed off to create two rooms.  I'm standing in the rear.  At one point this was a bedroom and was where Robert Lincoln was born.  Later as the home was expanded it became a parlor.  The rear was more of an office and this is where the Republican delegation came to ask Lincoln to be thier candidate.
This is the rear area where Lincoln listened to the Republican leaders ask him to be the candidate.

This would have been the family living area.  Games for the kids, Mary's sewing, etc.  A less formal area to gather inside as a family after dinner etc.

This was a room at the top of the stairs.  Could serve as a guest room.

Now we're in Lincoln's bedroom.  The corner desk was Lincoln's.  After he owned it the next owner cut the legs down so he could use the desk.  Eventually it winded back with the house but as a shorter desk.

Lincoln's bed, not original.  The wall paper is pretty wild, I understand it was the fashion of the time but is pretty wild.

This is where Lincoln would have shaved, mirrow is in original spot, beleeive it is the original mirror as well.
Now into Mary's room. 
This was Robert's room but after he left for school the other boys took it over, guess they were tired of sleeping in their mother's room.

The Lincoln kitchen.  The guide said that Mary wanted to take her stove to the White House but Abe talked her out of it.  Apparently it was a great stove for the time.  This is also an original piece.

And finally the 3 seat outhouse out back.  3 seats was quite the luxury, no waiting as the guide liked to joke. 

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