Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Stewart's Independent Illinois Cavalry Battalion

Stewart's Independent Illinois Cavalry Battalion [1]

James N. Weer (C)[2]

Augustus W. Stewart (C)[3], Robert G. Wier (C)[4],


[1] Stewart's Independent Cavalry Battalion later became companies A-F of the 15th Illinois Cavalry Regiment. Those six companies had all started out as independent cavalry companies and at the time of Shiloh they were still referred to by their independent designation. The companies which later became Stewart's Battalion were Stewart's, Carmichael's, Dollin's, O'Harnett's and Gilbert's. This info taken from the 15th Illinois Cavalry's roster and company letters are in reference to that organization.
[2] Died at Paducah, Ky., Apr 26, 1862
[3] Discharged, Apr 17, 1862; wounds
[4] Disch. Apr 17, 1862; wounds

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